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Dr. Glenn, Local Dentist

Dr. Glenn
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“Very professional personalized Service. Always honest and sincere, a great company you can trust!”

Lewis Center for Educational Research

Lewis Center for Educational Research
Academy for Academic Excellence
Norton Space and Aeronautics Academy
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17500 Mana Rd.
Apple Valley, CA 92307-2181

I believe that it is important in this very busy world in which we live to stop from time to time and give some positive feedback. The Lewis Center for Educational Research began working with Conco Construction in 1985 when, as a Kindergarten teacher hoping to build an Observatory at Mojave Mesa School, I approached Rick Cambridge for some help. Conco donated all the work on the original buildings and became a big part of our early success. Since that time your company has worked on many of our projects. I can say that in every case you have provided excellent service, professional work and a quality product. Your attention to detail and accurate appraisals have allowed us to budget accordingly and ensure that our projects have done on time and on budget.

Thank you for the wonderful service you have provided us. Your excellent work has allowed us to provide an excellent education for our students, and that is good for everyone.

Sincerely and gratefully yours,

Rick Piercy, President/CEO
The Lewis Center for Educational Research

St. Mary’s Medical

Thank you and your staff for a job well done. Your commitment in providing St. Mary Medical Center a new Administrative Support Building with design and construction services exceeded the organizations vision.

Conco’s design and build approach was the most competitive method in making the building a reality.

Your professional team providing architectural, engineering and construction was a pleasure to work with. Your team’s knowledge and approach in understanding the client’s needs surpasses the competition hands down.

Please express my gratitude to your team of professionals on a successful project.


Luis Lazak
Director of Construction

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